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Ohio summers and late spring can be scorching temperatures. Having an air conditioning unit that has broke down is a big worry for your home and office that can leave family and customers uncomfortable and irritable. The Pataskala Heating and Air Company offers great AC repair services. Our technicians have seen and dealt with all of the issues that could be wrong and keeping your air conditioner from running properly and efficient. If you find yourself in need of fast a fast repair and at a decent price, contact us today to have one of our professional HVAC techs help you. Tap or dial the number to talk now: 740-908-4281

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What are the most common repairs?

  1. Dirty Filter - One of the most common issues for an air conditioner to suddenly quit on you is having a dirty or clogged filter. You should follow the manufacturers suggestions as to how frequently your filter needs changed out with a new one. Some are on a monthly basis, while others can be ever few months. Dirty filters can reduce your air flow and also cause your AC to freeze up on you. If this happens and you notice water leaking from your unit inside your home, shut off your unit and give us a call.
  2. Thermostat - Make sure your thermostat is on, level, and not in direct sunlight. Also, make sure the settings are set properly on your thermostat and that the inside of it is clean if you happen to have an older one. If your thermostat takes batteries, make sure you have fully charged batteries inside. If problems persist, call a professional heating and cooling company.
  3. Refrigerant Leak - If you have a lead in your line set, the unit will not operate correctly and the temperature will fluctuate. Where the leak actually is in your system can result in different prices for the repair. You could have a leak in your line, or there could be a leak in the coil. Having an experienced and trained AC tech examine your unit is best.
  4. Drainage - The drain line has a chance to become clogged like the filter can be. Typically there is a drain pan under your unit inside and will fill up with water. Water leaking from your unit can cause damage to the unit itself or the areas around.
  5. Fuses and Breakers - The breaker for the unit protects the AC motor and compressor from overheating. If your motor dies or does not work, check your breaker first and contact an HVAC technician.
  6. Capacitors - If you do not have a working capacitor, the motors that provide the power for the compressor and fans will stop working. The capacitor sends the juice to start the motor, and consistently provides power to keep the motor working properly. If either fails, the entire AC system will not perform the way it should.
  7. Compressor - This piece of equipment supplies the energy for the refrigerant and propels it through the coils to perform the heat exchange. Your AC will not cool if the compressor is bad. If there is a leak in the system and you do not have enough refrigerant, the compressor will seize up, overheat, and quit working. The refrigerant will return to the compressor which will cause it to go bad.
  8. Evaporator Coil - EC's take the heat in the air and send it back into your home as cold air using the ductwork. Over time, coils can corrode, but if they are inside, regular maintenance can prevent this.
  9. Condenser Coil - Condensers are typically outside with the compressor so they become dirty over time with the weather. Cleaning these with a water hose is recommended. If it becomes overly saturated in dirt and debris, they can require a cleaning with special chemicals that your HVAC technician can use.
  10. Bad Contactor - Inside of the air conditioning unit there are contactors for the motor, fan and compressor. These start the parts and if there is a bad connection, it is difficult for the electrical current to start. Over time these will need replaced and can be diagnosed by our team of air conditioning techs.

Offering a wide range of service types, The Pataskala Heating and Air Company works on both Residential and Commercial HVAC systems.

With many years experience servicing heating and cooling systems, we have the adequate team, resources and knowledge when it comes to fixing or replacing your furnace and air conditioning units for your home or office space.

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Problems With Your Central Air?

If you are experiencing problems with your central air system, take care of them before the summer season pokes its hot head out. Many problems can be simple fixes if taken care of in the appropriate time. If not handled, some of the issues that go wrong with your unit can cause unneeded strain on additional equipment leading to more things needing repaired on your AC. Call us today if you suspect any problems with you unit to save you time and money.

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