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Air Conditioning Services

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Pataskala AC Repair

Serving the Pataskala area and surrounding communities, we focus on many core HVAC services. Air conditioning repair services are one of our core focuses at Pataskala Heating and Air. If you are in need an ac repair man, then we have just what you need.

Pataskala AC Installations

On the flip site, we also install air conditioning units in many different types of homes and businesses. A new ac unit can be a pretty decent size investment. We provide free estimates for all new installations. Our estimates are also required if you inquire about a new system to be installed. The reason for this is to ensure you get the perfect size system for your home or office.

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Duct Cleaning

How is the quality of air you are breathing in your home or office? If you have not had a duct cleaning in a while chances are you would be shocked if you saw how dirty they were. Many causes of sickness stem from the indoor air quality of our homes and work place. From the air duct to the carpets we breath in harsh debris and toxins. Call us today to increase your quality of living. Ask about our special!!

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Before & After Duct Cleaning

Heating Services

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Furnace Repair Pataskala

Repairing furnaces in HVAC systems are another core focus here at Pataskala Heating and Air. We have highly trained and skilled technicians that are fully qualified and certified to fix and repair your furnace. A majority of the time we have the appropriate tools and parts necessary to handle your heating unit. In the case that we do have to order a part, we will come back and repair usually within a day. 

Furnace Installs Pataskala

Did I mention that we provide free estimates on new installations or furnaces and air conditioning units? I think I did but that is your friendly reminder. Installing new systems in office spaces and houses are hard work and need to be carefully calculated to be able to have the correct amount of air distributed throughout your home and business. We take into account a number of things and make precise measurements and plans that suite your building and space.

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