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In the cold fall and winter months of the year, the last problem you want to have is your furnace to stop working on you. The fact of the matter is that it will enevitably happen at one point or another. Everything breaks down over time, but being prepared is the best way to have everything running again. This is why having a heating contractor you can count on to repair your furance is a good connection to have. Our customers usually turn into life long clients that we get to know over the years and get to know the ins and outs of their HVAC system. Doing so help the both of us be able to tackle any repair issue that may arise. Call us today to start growing our long lasting releationship. Call now 740-908-4281

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What Are Common Furnace Repair Issues?

1. Not Properly Maintaining Your Heating System

Not having routine maintenance performed on your furnace is one common issue of your unit breaking down. Your heating and cooling system is like your car or body. If you do not perform regular oil changes, etc. or have your checkups, a small problem can turn into a very much bigger one.

2. Not Changing Your Filters

Filters help catch the dirt and debris. Over time they will become saturated and clogged. A dirty filter will restrict airflow and casue your unit to freeze or damage the limit switch, which controls the fan.

3. Normal Wear and Tear

Time take a toll on all of us, including equipment. Keep in mind the age of your unit because, normal wear and tear will occur and have an impact on the unit regardless of how well you maintain your system.

4. Ignition and Pilot Issues

Your ignition and pilot lights can stop working and make it difficult to heat your home or office. An unlit pilot light can cause clogging in different areas and will require maintenance to fix.

5. Faulty or Dead Thermostat

If your thermostat becomes faulty or dies, this will have an impact on the way your furnace is running. A number of different outcomes can happen from a thermostat not working properly.

6. The Furnace is Not Blowing Out Air

A furnace that is not performing the way it should can be a number of things as well. In the case it is not blowing out anything, there could be a problem with the fan, motor, gas, or power to the unit.

7. The Furnace is Not Heating My Space Enough 

In the case your furnace is "working" but does not seem to be heating properly, the size of your furnace could be wrong for the space it is in. This is why it is important to have the appropriate sized furnace installed and we provide free furnace installation estimates to ensure you get the correct system in you home.

8. Cycling On and Off

Typically the reason for a system to cycle back and forth from the on and off positions is from a clogged filter, bad airflow, or a bad thermostat.

9. Blower Does Not Shut Off

The blower not shutting of and continuously running could be a problem with your limit switch. Consult a heating and cooling professional to see if yours needs replaced.

10. Excessive Noise

Squeaking, rumbling, and other noises coming from your furnace are not normal. If your unit becomes louder than usual, there may be a problem that needs addressed. Call our team to help quite down your furnace.

Offering a wide range of service types, The Pataskala Heating and Air Company works on both Residential and Commercial HVAC systems.

With many years experience servicing heating and cooling systems, we have the adequate team, resources and knowledge when it comes to fixing or replacing your furnace and air conditioning units for your home or office space.

Call now and speak with one of our team members to schedule an appointment today!


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