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How is the air quality of your home? Do you feel congested? Do you have pets, kids, or a lot of traffic in and out of your home and office? The dirt and debris that build up in the ductwork, trunk lines, and heat runs throughout your home can have a major impact on your indoor air quality. If you have never had a duct cleaning performed, it is an excellent addition to have done in your home or spring cleaning venture.

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Duct Cleaning Myths

1. Having your ducts cleaned only once in a while is enough

Its a common misconception that many people have that you should only have your ducts cleaned when you either move in or have a major renovation in your home. If you do not have your ducts cleaned yearly, it is a good idea to have professionals come out and check them to ensure the air quality in your home is up to par and to make sure your furnace is stall able to perform efficiently.

2. Only systems that have an air conditioning unit need to have air ducts cleaned

This is false. Any forced air system no matter if it is fresh air, heat, pump, or cooling will have dirt and debris build up in your ductwork. The more traffic, pets, or time spent inside your home, the more build up potential. Think of all the dust that builds up in your home that you clean on a regular or semi regular basis. Now think of what your ventilation system could look like.

3. You should only clean your ducts if your have allergies or a respiratory disease

Many people assume that a duct cleaning only benefits a household with family members with allergies or some sort or respirator issue that make breathing difficult. Duct work that has not been cleaned in some time can contain dirt, dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, pet hair, and in the case if you have children, food lol. We have seen a number of things cleaning duct work over the years, even dead animals. Breathing dirty air can be dangerous! Have yours cleaned today!

Offering a wide range of service types, The Pataskala Heating and Air Company works on both Residential and Commercial HVAC systems.

With many years experience servicing heating and cooling systems, we have the adequate team, resources and knowledge when it comes to fixing or replacing your furnace and air conditioning units for your home or office space.

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