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Preparing for the warmer weather we like to help our customers be ahead of the game and curve. There is no need to have a air conditioner break down on you. This can be a preventative maintenance measure with a simple tune up and check of your ac unit. This is why we offer service agreements for our customers to purchase. Now you do not necessarily have to have a service agreement for us to come to your home and perform a tune up on your system but, they give you top priority over your "average" customer needing service. Call now 740-908-4281to find out more about a service agreement.

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Pataskala Furnace Tune Ups

Just like our air conditioning tune ups we offer tune ups for your furnace and heating system. Your HVAC system in your home or office are just like your vehicle, body, or any other complicated equipment that needs regularly maintained. If you never get a oil change on your car, that can lead to other problems. Same goes for our bodies, if we never have a checkup to see where we stand health wise, there could be underlying issues we have to face that could have potentially been taken care of before causing more harm. This also applies to your furnace and ac units. Having a professional HVAC technician look over your equipment at least once a year can prevent your from having costly repairs or needing to replace your unit. We know everything to look for when it comes to your heating and cooling systems and know the warning signs to keep an eye on. Stringtown Heating & Cooling along with other service professionals recommend having both your furnace and air conditioner checked on and tuned up at least yearly either before of after a season change. Reach out to our service pros to schedules yours today and ask about our service agreements!

Offering a wide range of service types, The Pataskala Heating and Air Company works on both Residential and Commercial HVAC systems.

With many years experience servicing heating and cooling systems, we have the adequate team, resources and knowledge when it comes to fixing or replacing your furnace and air conditioning units for your home or office space.

Call now and speak with one of our team members to schedule an appointment today!


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